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How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Naturally At Home Fast

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Naturally At Home Fast? Here are the 22 Ways to quick relief from frizzy hair: The biggest problem that many women face is dry and frizzy hair. The situation gets even worse during summers and places with high humidity. Frizzy hair is the result when your hair layers get dry and raised. Usually, curly hair tends to show more frizz than straight hair. There can be many reasons that lead to frizzy hair, which include lack of moisture, exposure to harsh chemicals containing shampoos, and undernourishment which is very common during hectic and busy schedules we lead nowadays. So, let’s know about¬†how to get rid of dry frizzy curly hair fast naturally with some home remedies.

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Naturally At Home Fast

Some Easy and Quick ways How to get rid of Frizzy Curly Hair Fast Naturally at Home:

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  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil uses for dry frizzy curly hair

Applying coconut oil to the scalp and deep massaging it to your scalp can help in taming down the frizzy hair. Use a generous amount of coconut oil and apply it on your scalp and ends of your hair. You can leave it overnight and wash it off with the mild shampoo next day. This shampoo is a great option for mild frizzy hair.

  • Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil uses for dry curly hair

Macadamia oil is a great option to tame frizzy hair. Macadamia oil is known for its amazing benefits by providing moisturization and softening the hair. You can instantly find a difference in your hair with the very first application of the oil.

  • Use of Eggs

 uses of Eggs for poofy frizzy curly hair

Eggs can be a great way to bring back the moisture in your hair. The eggs provide the necessary nourishment to your hair and also softens them. Eggs are great sources of proteins and amino acids which also help them in achieving non-frizzy shiny hair. You can apply the egg on your scalp and ends of the hair and leave it for 20 mins. Wash it off with a mild hydrating shampoo.

  • Use Vinegar

Vinegar uses for dry curly hair home remedies fast

Using Vinegar can be a great option for getting rid of the unwanted frizzy hair. Vinegar helps in closing the open upper cuticles of the hair. The best way to use vinegar is by shampooing your hair with mild hydrating shampoo and then rinsing it well with vinegar and rinsing it again with water. You can also use apple cider vinegar which is a better option for use instead of vinegar which can be a little smelly for some people.

  • Use of Avocado mask

Avocado mask for frizzy curly dry hair

Avocado is full of moisture locking fatty acids and vitamin E. Both the components can help in taming down the frizzy hair. You can apply avocado by scooping out the pulp of the fruit and mashing it along with olive oil. Apply the mask on your scalp to the ends and allow it to stay for 15-20 minutes. You can also give a warm towel treatment to the hair which will enhance absorption of the nutrients from the mask.

  • Use of Carbonated water

Carbonated water frizzy hair home remedies

Using carbonated water is known to have an acidic pH which enhances the natural pH of the outer layer of the hair. By using carbonated water to rinse the can help in maintaining this pH of the hair which also aids in closing the hair cuticles and preventing frizz. You can wash your hair with mild hydrating shampoo and rinse it with carbonated water. Using this method regularly can gradually help in taming the frizzy hair.

  • Use of Banana mask

Banana mask uses to repair curly hair

Bananas can be a good source of potassium and moisture. Using Banana on your hair can help in taming down a frizzy hair to a great extent. You can smash the pulp of a banana and mix it with your favorite hair oil. Using the olive oil can provide you with best results. Apply the banana mask on your scalp and ends of your hair which are damp. Let them stay on your hair for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with mild hydrating shampoo. Regularly use this to get great results over time.

  • Use of Honey

Honey uses to frizzy curly hair

Honey is very rich in nutrients and is also known as a humectant. Humectant usually leads to pulling moisture. The use of honey can not only help in taming down your frizzy hair but also smoothens and brings a shine to your hair. Use honey along with olive oil and apply it on your scalp to the end of your hair. Allow it to sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with a hydrating shampoo. Honey can be a bit hard to get off from your hair, so it is good to use warm water before shampooing your hair. Read Also: aloe vera for hair growth naturally.

  • Use of Coconut milk

Coconut milk for frizzy hair on top of head curly hair

Coconut milk is a great source of moisture and other nutrients. These nutrients are great for your hair. You can use coconut milk by rubbing it and applying it on your scalp to end of your hair. Massaging coconut milk on your scalp can nourish your hair immensely. Allow the coconut milk to stay on your head for 30 minutes and rinse it off with water.

  • Use of Mayonnaise

use of mayonnaise for dry curly hair

Using Mayonnaise is a great way to replenish the moisture in your hair. Use mayonnaise and add olive oil and apply it on your scalp and end of the hair. Allow it to stay on your hair for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

  • Use of Beer

non alcoholic beer for curly hair

Beer can prove to give a shine to your hair. It also is a great solution to adding the lost moisture to your hair. Dark beer can increase the level of effectiveness in taming the frizz on your hair. Use beer to rinse shampooed hair and allow it to stay on your scalp and ends for 5 minutes. Rinse off the beer with water.

  • Use Baking soda

baking soda for naturally curly hair

Using baking soda can help in getting a cleaner and nicer looking hair. Use a little amount of baking soda with your shampoo and wash your hair. This needs to be followed with intense moisturization of the hair. Using this regularly can help you in getting frizz-free hair.

Here are some practices which can follow in your daily routine which would also help you get rid of frizzy hair.

  • Do not Shampoo hair frequently

Do not Shampoo hair frequently

Frequently shampooing your hair can lead to dry and frizzy hair. The natural oils secreted from the scalp can help in fighting and restraining frizz. Shampoo with harsh chemicals can lead to the dry scalp which aggravates the incidence of frizzy hair. You can switch to milder or natural shampoos if you wish to shampoo frequently. Shampoos that are sulfate free can be a great option if you are inclined to shampooing frequently. It is best to shampoo twice in a week to maintain the natural oils in your scalp.

  • Do not use the pool extensively

Do not use the pool extensively

Taking a swim extensively can be great for your health but cannot be equally good for your frizzy hair. Pool water usually contains chemicals like chlorine which cause increased instances of frizzy hair. The best way is to wear a waterproof cap which protects your hair from water. You can also limit your pool time and frequencies to avoid your hair from getting frizzy.

  • Avoid frequent blow drying and straightening

blow drying and straightening

Blow drying can be an easy option for drying your hair when you are in a hurry, but this drying technique can damage your hair and make them frizzy over time. Cautious and limited use of blow drying can be a great way to keep your hair healthy and frizz free. The hot air from blow drying and straightening can squeeze out the moisture from your hair and lead to drying and frizzy hair.

  • Use of silk pillow cover or scarf while sleeping at night

silk pillow cover or scarf

Using a silk pillow cover or a scarf while sleeping at night can help in retaining the moisture of your hair instead of cotton covers which are responsible for absorbing the moisture from your scalp and hair. This is also a great option to use while applying oils or masks for replenishing your scalp and hair with moisture.

  • Use of t-shirt instead of towel post shampooing


Using a T-shirt instead of a towel after shampooing can help in taming the frizzy hair. Towels can sometimes lead to pulling out of the hair and also lead to hair fall. Use of T-shirt can decrease the tension and help in decreasing the frizz.

  • Use good conditioner

good conditioner for naturally curly dry hair

A good conditioner can help you getting moisturized non-frizzy mane. The best way to use conditioner is by using it after shampooing your hair and draining off an excess of water from your hair. Take a generous amount of conditioner in your palm and start applying from the ends of your hair and only apply the remnant amounts on your scalp. The ends of your hair are the most damaged and need the extra moisturization. Allow the conditioner to stay on your hair for 5-7 minutes and then rinse well with cool water.

  • Use cool water to wash hair

 cool water

Using cool water instead of warm water for washing hair can always help in getting tamed hair. Washing hair with cold water closes the pores of your scalp and seals the hair cuticles. Using cold water for rinsing out your conditioner can work the best to avoid frizzy hair.

  • Use live in conditioners

 live in conditioners to get rid of dry curly hair fast

Live in conditioners can keep your hair tamed throughout the day. Use quality live in conditioners for your hair and apply them similarly as your normal conditioner on semi-wet hair. Start applying your life in conditioners from the ends of your hair to the minimum on the scalp. You can also try using live in hair sprays to keep your hair non-frizzy all day long.

  • Drink lots of water


The best way to retain moisture in your whole body along with your hair. The root cause of getting frizzy hair is lack of moisture, which can be regained by having sufficient amounts of water every day.

  • Cover your hair when going out on a sunny day

Cover your hair

Sun, dry wind and pollution in the air can suck up all the moisture and dry out the essential oils from your hair. The best way to preserve the moisture and oil is by using a scarf or a hat when moving out on sunny and windy days. This also helps in keeping your hair well tamed and frizz free.

Practicing mentioned routine for your hair and by using natural ingredients, you will surely reduce the nasty frizz on your hair and will enjoy a frizz-free experience.

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