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How to Get rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Razor bumps although do not appear as a big issue; however can result in aesthetically serious consequences. There can be some serious skin scarring, darkening, and damage if proper care and measures are not taken. Razor bumps occur when you shave your hair using a razor. What happens after shaving is that the hair strands start growing inwards and happen to form a curl type of structure. After a few days, a layer of skin gradually develops over the curled hair growth. This skin growth gives it an appearance of a bumpy pimple.

How to Get rid of Razor Bumps Fast

The entire process eventually results in itching, irritation, and redness of the skin. As a result, you tend to scratch and rub the skin surface having razor bumps. Scratching and the friction caused by the razor bumps lead to the formation of pimples on the skin which further increases itching and irritation. This also results in the formation of scars on the skin and your skin appears black because of the small hair growth. Usually, pimples and redness occur on the razor bumps as a result of bacterial infection.

Some of the razor bumps disappear as the hair starts growing; whereas it might even happen that the bump stays not allowing the hair to grow. In such a case, the skin has to be cut and only then you can get rid of the razor bump.

These razor bumps tend to get very itchy at times; however, avoid scratching as much as possible. Failing to do so, the bump will rupture and increase chances of swelling and inflammation making the case worse.

People having thick hair or curled hair are at higher chances of developing these razor bumps. Now before talking about treatment tips for razor bumps, let us see how these razor bumps can be prevented.

Some of The Means of Preventing Razor Bumps Are as Follows:

Table of Contents

#01. Moisturise Before Shaving:

Moisturise Before Shaving: It is recommended to first wash your skin which has to be shaved with a mild soap (preferably devoid of perfume) and then moisturize it before shaving. This process helps in softening the skin and also opens up the pores. Soft skin is at lesser chances of developing razor bumps.

Moisturise Before Shaving
Moisturise Before Shaving

#02. Moisturise After Shaving:

Moisturise After Shaving: When you are done shaving, moisturize your skin again. This reduces the dryness and friction of the skin; thereby not causing itching and irritation which ultimately reduces skin darkening and also reduces scarring.

Moisturise After Shaving
Moisturise After Shaving

#03. Use The Proper Shaving Technique:

Using a wrong shaving technique can also damage your skin causing razor bumps. The basic but very important precautions to be followed while shaving is as follows; shave in the direction of hair growth and not the opposite direction.

Use The Proper Shaving Technique

Never stretch or pull your skin while shaving and always wash your clean shaved skin with cold water as it helps in closing the pores and moisturize it at the end.

#04. Use Proper Shaving Products:

Use Proper Shaving Products: You must use products that soften your hair and skin; a thick shaving gel is the most ideal option. What if you follow all the preventive measures and still these razor bumps don’t buzz at all? We have a solution for that too. Let us glance through some magic tips for getting rid of razor bumps.

Use Proper Shaving Products

#05. Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel is obtained from the fresh stem of aloe vera herb. It has a number of benefits and is used in a number of skin care products and beauty products. It can be easily planted in your house-garden in a small pot and is a very low maintenance plant. With respect to razor bumps, aloe vera gel is a very good antibiotic agent and also cools and provides moisture to your skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

These properties immensely benefit the skin. You can simply apply aloe vera gel on to the skin with razor bumps about 3-4 times a day. This reduces the skin redness, swelling and any sort of infections. If you use aloe vera gel on regular basis you will definitely experience its positive effects.

#06. Antibacterial Creams:

Antibacterial Creams: Antibacterial agents are nothing but medicines which kill infection-causing bacteria. The purpose of using antibacterial creams on razor bumps is to reduce infection and the subsequent swelling and redness. Antibacterial agents can either be used as a face wash or a face cream.

Antibacterial Creams

It is one of the most efficient and effective treatments for razor bumps. Benzoyl peroxide is one good option as an antibacterial agent and many over the counter medicines containing this agent are available easily. You can talk to a skin specialist for other better options.

#07. Creams to Reduce Inflammation and Swelling:

Creams to Reduce Inflammation and Swelling: Mild inflammation usually gets resolved with the help of home remedies like cold massage or using some natural coolant. When the irritation and inflammation start to get severe, your doctor will most probably recommend the use of a topical steroid cream.

Creams to Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

These are also called hydrocortisone creams and are very effective in treating razor bumps. These are one of the most utilized treatment options for razor bumps.

#08. Cold Massage:

Cold massage: Cold massage as the name suggests involves massaging with ice cubes. This soothes the skin and provides relief. In addition to relief from itching and burning is also obtained. This effect observed is maximum when the ice bath is applied to the skin just after shaving.

Cold Massage

#09. Heat Massage:

Heat Massage: Heat massaging involves using a hot cloth or hot water bath for massaging on the skin. Doing this will kill the bacteria on the skin and prevent infection from occurring and spreading further. If you perform this hot massage once daily, you are bound to observe beneficial effects on your razor bumps.

Heat Massage

#10. Vinegar:

Vinegar: It won’t be any kind of exaggeration if you say vinegar; especially apple cider vinegar will remove razor bumps overnight. Using apple cider vinegar is the best solution for removing these razor bumps. You can also mix a few drops of acetic acid in order to prevent swelling and redness.


The correct method of applying vinegar is to put 4-5 drops of apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab and apply it to the affected region; leave it for a couple of minutes and wash with lukewarm water. For best results use once or twice daily. Preferably clean the area with lukewarm water before applying this vinegar acetic acid solution.

#11. Give Shaving A Break:

Give Shaving A Break: The main culprit behind razor bumps is shaving and use of razors. This is why it is advised that to treat razor bumps you must not shave every day, giving shaving a break also reduces the new formation of razor bumps. This will also give some breathing space to your skin and help in the entire healing process.

Give Shaving A Break

Also, it is advisable that you let the hair grow for a while and then shave it again. Shaving every day or every alternate day make the razor bumps even worse and also makes you prone to developing razor bumps.

#12. Use Other Alternative Hair Removal Methods:

Use Other Alternative Hair Removal Methods: Use of razor should be avoided. In doing so you can alternatively use other means of hair removal. These different ways of hair removal are the use of hair removal cream, waxing, threading etc. Also, the hair removal technique should be proper.

Use Other Alternative Hair Removal Methods

Using the wrong method of hair removal makes the hair hard and coarse and thus more prone to developing razor bumps.

#13. Permanent Hair Removal:

Permanent Hair Removal: When feasible, it is recommended that you go for permanent hair removal thus eliminating the need to shave frequently. You can also consult your dermatologist for other medical/ procedural techniques for treating razor bumps.

Permanent Hair Removal

#14. Cornstarch:

Cornstarch: A paste made up of Corn starch and water or Corn starch and milk can be used on the skin. This should be ideally kept on the skin overnight for best results. Using cornstarch on the razor bump affected area usually completely eliminates them.


#15. Use Needle or Tweezers:

Use Needle or Tweezers: If you observe that your razor bumps have become severe and tend to stay for a long time, you can use a needle for removing or peeling off the skin cover. Alternatively, even tweezers can be used for the same purpose.

Use Needle or Tweezers

Removal of skin cover and subsequent cleaning of skin with lukewarm water removes the razor bump. However, make sure that these instruments used are clean and sterilized properly.

#16. See a Dermatologist or Skin Specialist:

See a Dermatologist or Skin Specialist: All the above-mentioned techniques work well in reducing razor bumps; however if in spite of this the razor bumps are not reduced talk to a skin specialist. Ignoring this will only worsen the situation.

See a Dermatologist or Skin Specialist

We discussed the different ways of preventing and treating razor bumps. Utilizing these techniques will surely reduce the development of razor bumps and also prevent scarring. It is important to take steps at the right time at initial stages,  rather than waiting for the condition to become worse.

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