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Best Way To Whiten Teeth At Home Fast Naturally

Four most effective ways to get pearly white teeth: Nowadays, people prefer looking good and photo-ready at all times. They manage many costly ways to get beautiful hair, face, and skin but they often tend to forget their teeth. The biggest turn off for any person is having yellow or stained teeth. In our busy schedules, we tend to eat junk food and practice minimal oral care which leads to yellow and stained teeth. The cosmetic cleaning of yellow or stained teeth is usually a costly affair and is not opted by most of the people. Stained or yellow teeth can sometimes be the reason of loss in confidence and a matter of embarrassment. Getting healthier, white teeth can help you in combating such issues and moving ahead in your life. So, let’s know the best way to whiten teeth at home fast and naturally.

Best Way To Whiten Teeth At Home Fast
Here, we have listed some of the home remedies to get shinier whiter teeth. These remedies are easy and made with ingredients which are easily available in your home.

Reasons for getting Yellow or stained teeth:

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Before getting into the remedies, let’s check on some of the major reasons of teeth yellowing and staining. Depending on these reasons one can expect the extent of results with the mentioned homemade remedies for teeth whitening. The major reason that causes this include:
– Naturally yellow or stained due to genetic reasons
– Drinks and beverages like cola, coffee, and tea.
– Tobacco and smoking
– Medications
– Age
– Poor oral hygiene
These major reasons lead to yellowish teeth and stains. You can try using these simple and effective homemade remedies which can help you in getting better, whiter and healthier teeth. Along with these remedies, you should also follow regular oral hygiene to have better results.

Best Way To Whiten Teeth At Home Fast:

Use of lemon:

lemon for teeth whitening

Lemon is known for its many properties which include healing and antibacterial effects. Lemon contains ascorbic acid which when used in small quantities can have a bleaching effect on teeth. Lemon juice or peel can be applied to clean teeth and allowed to stay for a minute and rinsed off.

Lemon juice can also be used with Baking Soda or Salt. These two ingredients are also very effective in removing yellow stains from teeth. All of these ingredients have a great effect on whitening teeth when applied independently. But, using salt or baking soda with lemon juice increases the effect of whitening your teeth.

Lemon Juice with Salt:

Lemon Juice with Salt for pearly white teeth

Salt has a granular consistency which works as a great scrubbing material for teeth. Along with this it has antibacterial properties and keeps away germs for longer times.

Lemon juice with Baking Soda:

Lemon juice with Baking Soda for teeth whitening

Baking Soda has versatile properties. It has many uses including teeth cleaning. Similar to salt, baking soda has a scrubbing effect and gives great results when used in combination with lemon juice.

The ingredients you need: Salt or Baking soda, lemon juice, mixing bowl, spoon for mixing
Squeeze out some fresh lemon juice in a small mixing bowl and add 1/4th spoon baking soda or salt in it. You will see bubbling if you add baking soda. Mix well and use the thick pasty mixture to brush your teeth. Allow the paste to stay on your teeth for a minute and then gently wash it off.

If you are using baking soda you might feel a little abrasive on your gums. For this reason, it is advised to use this paste once in a week and should not be used continuously.

 Use of Fruits:

Fruits  for teeth whitening naturally at home

Fruits are a great way to keep your teeth whiter and healthier. Some of the fruits are not only great in taste but also help in getting whiter teeth. Peels of some of the fruits have a great effect on teeth.

Banana peels:

Banana peels  for teeth whitening fast

banana peels are a great way to get whiter teeth. Banana peel contains potassium and magnesium which are known to have good effects on teeth.


Strawberries  for getting white teeth home remedies

Along with bananas, strawberries also has great teeth whitening effects. It consists of Malic acid which helps in whitening teeth.

Ingredients you need: Banana peels, Strawberries and mixing bowl
Use the banana peels and rub them on your teeth for 2-3 minutes. Let it stay on your teeth for at least 15 minutes and then brush it off with your regular brush. Use this method 2-3 times in a week to get best results.

For strawberries, you need to squish 1-2 strawberries in a bowl and apply it to your teeth for 2-3 minutes followed by cleaning and rinsing your mouth with water. Apply strawberries 2-3 times in a week to get amazing results fast at home.

 Use of Hydrogen Peroxide (Food grade quality):

Hydrogen Peroxide  for teeth whitening fast

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the known bleaching compounds and also known to have whitening effects on teeth. It is also known to have antibacterial properties which can help in keeping away the germs too.

Ingredients you need: Food grade Hydrogen peroxide, water and mixing bowl
Mix the food grade hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantities in a mixing bowl. Apply the mix on your teeth for few seconds and rinse it off. Using this method once in a week to get great results.

 Use of Coconut oil:

Coconut oil  for teeth whitening at home

coconut oil is known for its antibacterial properties and is now used for getting whiter teeth. Applying coconut oil to your teeth can result in whiter teeth. All you need is a tad bit of coconut oil and have to rinse it and keep moving it around your teeth for 10 minutes. You can also use it in combination with your toothpaste. Rinse it off and see the difference.


Measures to avoid getting yellow and stained teeth
Other than these home-made options which help in getting whiter and brighter teeth there are some other things which should be followed that can help you in further avoiding development of stains on your teeth.

– Avoid consuming staining products like tobacco.
– Instead of sipping on your favorite drink, use a straw while drinking beverages and stain causing drinks like cola, tea, coffee etc. can help in avoiding stains on your teeth
– Maintaining good oral hygiene which includes brushing twice in a day and flossing can help in maintaining whiter and healthier teeth
– If you are suffering from any oral disease you should immediately consult a certified dentist
– Rinse your mouth and teeth after consuming any food or drinks

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